PS-760 IP Speaker

  • PS-760

PS760 Public Broadcasting is a new generation of IP speaker. The Paging functions setting of the device is more user-friendly than previous devices. The incidental tools and functions of this product will make Paging easier to manage, notify, expand, &  monitor. It’s well-designed & elegant color (white) make it more beautiful and more suitable for installation on most of the ceiling without any influence. It has HD voice & the speaker can reach up to 13W. It is more suitable for public broadcasting projects e.g. schools, hospitals, stadiums, hotels, shopping malls, commercial buildings, venues, theatres, government buildings.


HD Voice, Full duplex talking, Auto-AEC.
13W speaker.
Built-in microphone and external 3.5mm microphone interface can be switched freely.

LEDs and function keys embedded design.
PoE power supply (802.3af / at).

Product Features

3 PBX accounts.
LEDs and function keys embedded design, LEDs reflects the device work status, function keys can be used to adjust the volume, broadcast IP and one key to reset to Factory Defaults.
Support up to 20 groups paging functions.
Built-in microphone & external 3.5mm microphone interface can be switched freely.

POE power supply (802.3af/at).
Support remote web management and maintenance, such as account maintenance, software upgrades, volume control and so on.
NOTE: If speaker voice is up to 5 level. For avoiding power shortages and lead it restart, you need to use power adapter or support 802.3at's POE power adapter.

Phone Features

WEB Multi-language.
Active / passive support.
Support 3 accounts line.
Call transfer (busy turn, blind turn, consulting turn) ,mute, don't disturb,Auto answer,three-way conference, the volume control and so on.

Support calls holding, calls waiting and calls transfer.
Support IP direct dial without account,Support up to 20 groups Paging functions simultaneously (the priority decreases from 1 to 20).

Network Parameters

Support SIP V1(RFC2543), V2(RFC3261).
Support DNS SRV(RFC3263).
Support STUN network penetration.
Support Network model: Static/DHCP/PPPoE;built-in DNS/TFTP/FTP terminal.

Support 3 DTMF model: In-band, 、RFC2833、SIP INFO.
Support NAT/DHCP service.
Support S Security.
Support VLAN(802.1pq),LLDP,VPN(L2TP/OPEN_VPN).
Support phone locks, support the Root/User level management mode.

Audio Features

Wideband encoding: G.722.
Full duplex speaker, with automatic echo elimination (AEC).

Narrow band encoding: G.711μ/A, G723.1, G726, G.729AB,iLBC.
Support VAD, CNG, AEC, AGC etc. audio processing.

Physical Properties

One RJ-45 10/100M Ethernet interfaces (LAN) ,LAN port is for the use of ordinary model.
One power adapter.
Speaker Output:13Watts
Power :DC 12V/1A.
ABC keys function definitions.
A key: volume increase.
B key: quickly reset to Factory Defaults by pressing the button 20 seconds (refer to soft recovery, not hard recovery), press 1 time means broadcasting the current IP address.

C key: volume decrease.
ABC-LEDs keys function definitions.
A (network) Green slow flash - network connection is fail; The light off - the network connection is normal; B (Paging) The light off - Paging is idle; red flash - Paging is busy.
C (SIP Account) The light off - the registration is successful / idle; blue flash - Account busy; blue flashing slowly - registration is fail.
Quick flash is 1s / times, slow flash is 2s / time sip and RTP Qos.