Complete VoIP System

It’s your reliable VoIP system with pretty advanced technology as well as more efficient than traditional phone solution. It has the ability for long distance conversation ever. And it introduces an ideal platform for internet telephony system, which allows you to make calls over internet at the fraction of the cost. iRing Complete VoIP System support by the most prominent IP-PBX, powerful IP Phone and VoIP Gateway, right when you want them.



iRing‘s IP PBX series is a great solution for business of all size. As we all know a conventional PBX, separate networks are necessary for communication, so it will cost additional fees and even less portable. Enhanced hardware platform enable excellent unified communication experiences based on VoIP. It’s easy to increase telephony ports to expand the system. That means internet access, as well as VoIP communications and traditional telephone devices are all possible.


VoIP Gateway is a way to easy shift your old analog phone to intelligent IP Phone system. If your current communication system is still legacy telephony connection among company with multiple offices, then the result is bound to the high calling costs. With iRing’s VoIP gateway, calls can be made via the internet. It enables businesses to create seamless office environments and efficiently manage communication fees.


1. Available for customized services. Satisfying all your needs at an attractive price.

2. Instantly convert traditional phone system to IP-based communication.

3. Automated attendant. Play numerous messages with menu prompts for greeting, announcement and advertising. Route your incoming calls to the appropriate line or answering services so that spare your time and money.

4. Music on hold. Access to play music, deliver helpful information, such as frequently asked questions, new products and services when calls are on hold.

5. Advanced call forwarding. Whatever any condition, no answer or on busy, your customers can have calls forwarded to any number and also support forwarding the call to another destination.

6. Call parking. Aim to alert users about new call and allow the call to be received at another extension.

7. Call recording. Experience recording your own interactive voice and playing to the caller in case of some important omission.

8. Extension management. Connect multiple offices by assigning extension. Set strong relationship between you and your distributed team.

9. Unlimited hunt group. Incoming calls can be redirected to different destinations which are saved in the ring group, where a member of groups is able to answer.

10. Call monitoring. Supervise service quality. iRing comes with real time monitoring technology. It empowers you to strengthen management so that maximize your performance.

11. Voicemail can be saved and delivered to your email.

12. Conference calls. Multiple audio conferencing can be provided to have a talk with remote parties in more than one location.